Travelling during a pandemic?

Most people now are concerned with trying to work out the delicate balance between travelling and navigating the global coronavirus pandemic. For the UK market in particular there are many challenges.

The government can reintroduce a quarantine policy on another country at a moment’s notice, Spain is the most recent example of this. Travel requires a lot of planning, and travel disruptions, especially when travelling with your family creates so much anxiety that it quickly outweighs the rewards of travelling for leisure.

So what do you do?

At #NoFilter Holidays our recommendation is to stay local this year until countries and governments have a handle on their coronavirus strategies. With vaccines scheduled to be released from as early as September (according to the Oxford vaccine creators), international travel will likely not be hassle-free until early next year.

That means if you’re in the UK, trying to rediscover those destinations that are on your list, but you’ve never gotten around to visiting because you know they’re always there.

Read our other article for some UK domestic tourism recommendations for this year and don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email or on WhatsApp for a quote.