Although most people’s first stop in this beautiful country is Paris, there is far more to see besides the iconic capital, with is many notable landmarks. France is a history with a rich and vibrant culture stretching back to the origins of Europe.

Did you know that there was a French king of the United Kingdom? Other little-known facts also include the birthplace of Champagne, the home of Neanderthals, and the world’s first department store.

From the beaches of Normandy to the azure waters of the French Riviera, there is plenty to see in this wonderful country.

Read more below, and get planning!

Why Travel Here?

1) Pastries, Bread, Crepes, and way more!



2) Paris




3) French Riviera

4) Wine

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5) Cheese

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What you can expect?

1) Breakfast is simple – a typical French breakfast is usually a cup of coffee and a croissant before rushing off. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find a Full English.

2) Double Kisses – although not always the case (think strangers), a typical french greeting or farewell can involve a double kiss on both cheeks. When in Rome!

3) Everything closes on Sunday – while this isn’t EVERYTHING, it is the majority of shops, and restaurants close early. Make sure that you take this into account when planning. Also, most stores close from 12 – 2 pm for lunch.

4) Beautiful language – French is a wonderful language, and don’t be afraid to slip in some French phrases such as Bonjour and Merci. In fact, it is a polite thing to do before switching to another language if needed.

5) Souvenir Shopping – most things that look handmade or “local” will be found throughout Paris at most of the tourist attractions. Don’t be afraid to haggle (usually about 50% less than the opening bid is fair), and make sure you have cash.

Where should I go?