Beaches and Volcanos – no we’re not talking about Hawaii. Indonesia is a stunning country, also famous for Komodo Dragons, Elephants, Orangutans and Tigers.

From its vibrant capital Jakarta, to its serene islands (over 17,000 of them), Indonesia truly has a variety of destinations to offer.

Read more below and get planning!

Why Travel Here?

1) Curry and Coffee

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2) Beaches

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3) Volcanoes

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4) Wildlife – Orangutans, Elephants, Tigers and Snorkelling.

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5) Spirituality

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What you can expect?

1) Be encouraged to travel outside of Bali – many islands worth visiting are just within reach (Lombok, Gili, and Java).

2) Surfing – Bali is a surfer’s paradise and there are plenty of opportunity to get up on a board if you’re just starting out.

3) Wildlife, it’s hard to miss –  from tiny Geckos in your accommodation, Orangutans in Sumatra, Camels in Gili, to plenty of fish (20% of the world reefs) Indonesia has this and more.

4) Hiking Volcanoes – there are many opportunities for this including Lake Toba (northern Sumatra) and Mount Bromo (Java).

5) Lazing at the beach – with over 35,000 miles of coastline, Indonesia has plenty of beaches to offer on the main five islands. If you have plenty of time, and a bit of daring, some of the more remote islands offer even further unspoiled scenery.

Where should I go?