Home of the eternal city, the floating city, and many other cities Italy is classic destination that can give you a glimpse into the past, and how to live the present in style. Rome, the nation’s capital was founded in 753 BC making this city over 2,000 year old.

Every city in Italy is different, but each one played a crucial part in European and world history throughout the millennia. Whether you’re going to Italy just for the food, or if you want to take in the arts, landscape, language, and everything else they have to offer; as long as you avoid the tourist traps you’ll have the time of your life.

Read more below, and get planning!

Why Travel Here?

1) Food


2) History



3) Arts

nativity painting of people inside a dome
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


4) Beach

landscape photo of beach
Photo by Meli Di Rocco on Pexels.com


5) Cities


What you can expect?

1) More than just Pizza and Pasta – a typical Italian dinner should consist of Apertivo, Antipasto, Primo, Secondo (with Contorno), Insalata, Formaggi e Frutta, Dole, Caffe, and finally Digestivo. Bon Appetito!

2) Old Buildings – Italy’s cities have some of the finest forms of classical architecture ranging from the Roman empire, through the Renaissance and beyond. The beauty has been preserved and adds to the identity of these cities; but many don’t have modern luxuries.

3) Tourist Traps – Unfortunately Italy has been a huge tourist destination for a long time and there are tourist traps here and there. Make sure to do some planning ahead to make sure you get the best and most authentic of what these cities have to offer.

4) Cash – This is the easiest way to do your shopping in Italy, a lot of places won’t have card machines, and ATMs will not likely have the best rate, so plan ahead!

5) Pickpockets – Along the same line as the Tourist Traps, unfortunately there are frequent instances of pick pocketing, so just be aware, especially in tourist zone, or very crowded areas.

Where should I go?