A country of contrasts, Japan is a beautiful mix of traditions and cutting edge. From dense urban cities to solitary mountainous national parks, there are several sides to this complex country.

Whether you’re looking for the latest tech gear or on a tour of the countries thousands of temples and shrines you can do it all while sampling the best of Sushi and Noodles.

Read more below and get planning!

Why Travel Here?

What Can You Expect?

1) Vending Machines – Japan is in love with them, and they are surprisingly convenient for a variety of purposes you wouldn’t expect.

2) Manners and Protocol – bowing, a big welcome in restaurants, and being respectful are all important aspects of Japan. For example, don’t tip at restaurants!

3) A blend of traditional and modern in Tokyo – on the same street you can expect to see traditional Kimono wearing pedestrians alongside Harajuku Fashion, and everything in between.

4) Everyone speak Japanese – But not everyone speaks English, which includes limited signage.

5) Take off your shoes! People’s houses, certain restaurants (Zashiki and Horigotatsu), Shrines and Temples. Keep an eye out for a place to put your shoes, and if confused, ask!


Where Should I Go?