If you think of Tulips, Windmills, and Wooden Clogs when you think of the Netherlands then you are missing out on this amazing destination. There are also canals, pancakes, historic buildings, awesome festivals, and so much more to see.

There are also more destinations than just Amsterdam (although this in itself is a great trip), so consider day trip excursions to see that landscape that inspired so many Dutch Master painters.

Read more below and get planning!

Why Travel Here?

1) Tulips Fields

2) Amsterdam

3) Canals, Canals, Canals

4) History and Culture

5) Art – modern and classic

What you can expect?

1) Bicycling – they’re everywhere and probably the best way to get around. Don’t worry though, if you can’t ride a bike, you can still walk or take the tram (if in Amsterdam).

2) Boating – if you plan on going to Amsterdam, definitely take a boat ride through the idyllic canal systems that connect this vibrant city.

3) Payments – cash is not always accepted, and Maestro is more common than Visa and Mastercard. There is often a sign that shows their payment policy, so keep this in mind.

4) Dutch food – it’s good, but similar to other Northern European cuisines, be prepared for delicious, although non-typical dishes.

5) Get outside and see more than just Amsterdam – there are many beautiful destinations, and if you want to find those Tulips and Windmills you’ll have to get beyond the city center.

Where should I go?