Ah, Thailand. We could leave it at that, but there is so much about this country that is so great it makes us want to share. There is so much to see, eat and do that it can be a bit overwhelming, especially in Bangkok.

Whether you’re looking for the Chaos of the cities or the sun-soaked beaches, there are many places to choose from (we’ve listed a few below).

A few quick recommendations, always stay in the 5-star hotels (because they are so affordable), do a few days in Bangkok if you can before hitting the beach, and take in the culture – it’s one of a kind.

P.s. don’t buy the V.I.P. tickets at Muy Thai fights, they’re a rip-off.

Read more below and get planning!

Why Travel Here?

What Can You Expect?

1) Great Value for Money – Generally the cost in Thailand are low, but if you’re in the markets don’t be afraid to haggle.

2) Shopping – Lacquer goods, Silk clothes, handmaid goods.

3) Tuk Tuks and Taxis – depending on where you are.

4) Mangoes and Massages – some of the best in the world….dig in and lay back!!

5) Temples – this country has some of the most stunning sites in the world. Be prepared to cover up with a sarong if wearing shorts – men too.

Where Should I Go?