Vietnam is a magnificently unique destination, with variety around every corner. With both a rich ancient, and modern history Vietnam is a stupendous cultural destination.

After the must see cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City (formerly Saigon) be sure to check out the coast, particularly Halong Bay and it’s thousand islands.

Read more below and get planning!

Why Travel Here?

1) Cities – A former french colony, there still exist many examples of this style of architecture.

2) Limestone mountains to cruise between, and Caves to explore.

3) Vietnamese Coffee – especially nice with condensed milk.

4) War History – see the Viet Cong tunnels, bomb rooms, and traps to better understand this controversial war.

5) Mekong Delta – known as the rice bowl, this area is home to many floating markets that are a must see.


What you can expect?

1) Absolutely delicious food – everything from Pho Noodles and Spring Rolls to Goi and Banh Xeo. All local, all fresh.

2) Lots of shopping – shopping centers, floating markets, street vendors. Lots of places to get your textiles and handmade goods.

3) Haggling – with few to no set prices in most markets, good are whatever you’re willing to pay for them, feel free to negotiate!

4) USD is preferred to the local Dong (1 USD: 23,000 Dong), be sure to pack lots!

5) Mopeds – especially in the cities there are few traffic lights, which can cause a near endless stream of moped traffic. Please be careful when crossing.


Where should I go?